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Guide to writing your own Positive Affirmations

When you change your thoughts, you change your destiny.

Positive affirmations help turn negative thinking into positive thoughts. My Thoughts Plus provides over 1,000 affirmations, easily found by categories. However, you might want to give writing your affirmations a try as My Thoughts+ allows you to create a personalized list.

To come up with your own positive affirmations, here are some guidelines:

Consider Goals:

Goals help restore the excitement of life. Would you like to feel more calm and at peace? Get healthy? Earn more money? Be a better friend? decide what’s important to you so you can start working towards that goal. Imagine your ideal life and start visualizing how to get there.

Some categories to consider:
- Career
- Education
- Family
- Financial
- Health & Well Being
- Leisure
- Confidence
- Wealth
- Success
- Alcohol and drug abuse

Start Writing:
Take your goals and write a few simple statements on how you want to live your life. Write them in the present tense - you’re not trying to
want something, you’re trying to live it. Pretend as if each affirmation is already true. For example, the affirmation, “My life is filled with prosperity,” would be better than, “I want to be prosperous.” This idea is to “program” your subconscious mind to believe the statements.

Positive Thought is a Creative Force!

Stick to the Positive:
I know it sounds obvious, but keep them positive. Don’t write affirmations that state what you don’t want to see and experience. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t want to be angry, try, “I have a feeling of peace and happiness.” Don’t remind yourself of the bad things, live in the positive now.

Create Visualization:
My Thoughts + allows you to upload your own photos so you can create visuals for additional reinforcement. Weather it’s a tropical paradise or a photo of the body you want, visuals can help stimulate the mind into attaining your goals.

Retrain your Brain!

Repetition & Consistency:
Research Shows people learn new information more effectively when brain activity is consistent. One of the best ways to benefit from affirmations is to simply repeat them to yourself on a regular basis. Repeating them aloud is effective because you hear them more clearly that way. Seeing them adds one more step to reinforcing them. With My Thoughts Plus you can set the affirmations on SLIDE MODE, put your iPhone in a dock and repeat them twice a day. Whatever you decide to do, be consistent to get the best results.

Tips to Overcome Resistance:
If you think of writing affirmations as a chore, simply use our pre-written affirmations to get you started. We have over 1,000 affirmations. Initially the mind might resist this exercise so the important thing is to just get started. As you get into the process affirmations will come to you on your own. You can also edit all of the affirmations in My Thoughts + , so if you see one you like, but is not quit right, you can change it to suit your needs.

Below are some starter phrases to help get you started writing your own!

I have everything I need to
I choose to
I am
I am the master of
I love
I create
I achieve
I have achieved
I am receptive
I attract
I believe

Words that suggest that you might fail must never, ever appear in your affirmation statements.

"I'll try..."
"I might..."
"Maybe I'll..."
"I'll probably..."

Remember: what you affirm is what you will manifest!

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If you want to give My Thoughts Plus a try - give our
free app a whirl, just remember it does not have as many of the features as the full app as it is meant as a sample only.

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