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Dream Cards
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New Auto mode. This will automatically display the next card. Within settings, you have the option of setting the length between changing. Leave this App running on your docked iPad and you'll have a digital picture frame of inspiration!


Begin your day right using Dream Cards and your iPad. Introducing new freedom to keep your mind focused on your true potential.

The power of positive affirmations comes to life on the big screen of your iPad! Beautifully crafted cards containing positive, life-changing affirmations flow across your screen. Tap the pile to display another card. Move the cards around the screen to your hearts content. Keep the ones you like the best on screen and hide the others.

Affirmations are statements you use to achieve a desired state or result. Using positive affirmations neutralizes and replaces negative subconscious beliefs. Even if you have trouble controlling your thoughts, you can control your words.

Dream Cards for the iPad gives you a tool for daily practice of positive affirmation.

Repeating an affirmation impresses the subconscious and gradually replaces former beliefs with new, positive ones. Reviewing Dream Cards regularly impresses your mind with what you want.

When you change your thoughts, you change your destiny. Use Dream Cards to focus on your true potential and the life you deserve.

From the maker of the popular iPhone affirmations app MyThoughts+.

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