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This awesome collection has 17 mind-twisting games with infinite variations! You’ll get these great games:

1. Black Box – Find the hidden balls by bouncing laser beams off them.
2. Bridges – Draw lines to connect all the islands with a set of bridges.
3. Cube – Roll the cube around the grid, picking up blue squares on it’s face. But, rollover a blank square and the blue rolls off.
4. Dominosa – Tile the rectangle with a full set of dominoes.
5. Fifteen – Slide the tiles around to arrange them in order.
6. Flip – Flip groups of squares to light them all up at once. Seemingly easy, but gets tricky soon.
7. Galaxies – Draw lines along grid edges so as to divide the grid up into regions, with every region having two way symmetry. It’s harder than it sounds.
8. Light Up – Place light bulbs in a grid to light up all the squares.
9. Loopy – Draw a single closed loop in accordance with the clues.
10. Net – Rotate each tile to reassemble the network.
11. NetSlide – Slide a row at a time to reassemble the network.
12. Rectangles – Divide the grid into rectangles with areas equal to the numbers
13. Same Game – Clear the grid by removing touching groups of the same color squares.
14. Sixteen – Slide a row at a time to arrange the titles into order. Much harder than Fifteen!
15. Slant – Draw a maze of slanting lines that match the clues.
16. Tents – Place a tent next to each tree. It is harder than it sounds.
17. Twiddle – Rotate the tiles around themselves to arrange them into order.

Each game has options to choose preset puzzle, as well as integrated Help on how to play each puzzle. Brain Blaster is one puzzle collection you want to keep around forever.


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