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Word Zapper Lite
iPhone & iPod Touch

What’s New

Fixed issue under OS 3.x in which menu items did not respond in the appropriate manner and were reversed (the first menu item carried out the action of the last menu item, and a similar reversal for all other menu items).


This is a SAMPLE (FREE!) edition of Word Zapper. It is limited game play, but you’ll soon get the idea on why you should buy the paid version.

The super-fun and addictive game that gets you to create words out of a given six letters.

The rules are simple. Combine the six letters on the screen to make as many words as you can before the timer runs out. As you wind your brain up, you’ll nail the high score.

The goal of every level is to solve the 6 letter word. Once you do that, you are allowed passage to the next round.

If you get stuck, just tap The Zapper to rearrange the letters! Doing so will often reveal previously overlooked letter combinations to give your brain a jolt!

What are you waiting for? Zap to it!


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More Stuff

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Solving words puzzles can get tricky, on this page you will find lots of useful word lists for these types of games. Solving puzzles is now a bit easier. It’s not cheating if your winning, is it?
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