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Word Clue
iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
Also available on the Intel AppUp Store (PC)

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Now available as a Universal App: Available on the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch!
Now available as an AppUp App!


Hey Super Sleuth! Find the hidden word after inspecting various clues. Are you up to the Word Clue Challenge?

Word Clue is a fun, challenging, fast-paced word game where players must figure out the right word after given various clues, such as the part of speech, the category and the definition.

Features include:
• Two fun ways to play: Both timed & untimed modes
• Improve your vocabulary & spelling as you play!
• Find words with up to 9 letters!
• Track your personal high scores
• Learn parts of speech
• Get Powerups to get extra time, points and even extra lives!

You start at the police academy and move up in rank to become Agent Provocateur. As you move through the ranks you’ll find it gets harder and harder to get the word as you are given less letters and longer (harder) words. You better act fast before the word-bomb explodes before you’re able to get the word?

This fabulously fun game will delight you with new words and meanings of words you didn’t know.

Great for Kids!

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Game Features: