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Tootin’ Pooch
iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

What’s New

- Now available as a Universal App: Available on the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch!
- Now available in Spanish & French!


Blame it on the Dog!

There is nothing like a dog fart…to clear a room. At least that’s what you tell your friends when you let a big one rip! Tootin’ Pooch combines the cuteness of dogs with the deadliest of farts – and explosive combination! You’ve seen other fart applications – but we think you’ll agree that none are as cute as Tootin’ Pooch!!


Tap each dog and he will fart on command!


Our farts are not gross – they are silly and fun! You will laugh


And with all 6 dogs on screen at one time you can play a “fartful” little melody! Each dog has a unique sound, so it's up to you to figure out the combination.

Release the Hounds!


Test Picture

Lovable Pups!