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Bible Quotes is the ultimate Bible Quote App. It contains the entire text of the American Standard Version (ASV) of the Holy Bible, organized by verse - into quotes. You can browse verse by verse, keep track of unlimited bookmarks, and jump to specific books of the bible. This quick and intuitive design allows you to access all bible verses quickly.

Great for Bible Study and following along in church. You have questions - the bible has the answers!

• Browse verse by verse.
• Jump to a specific book of the Bible.
• Mark favorites, and view your favorites list at any time.
• Content fully searchable.
• All content included in App, no wireless access required.
• Quote of the Day is the bible verse of the day. Always have new material to review.
• Random Quote feature will introduce you to new verses that you might not have previously found.
• Email a quote to a friend or associate.


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